[NEWS] 141021 VIXX N, Casting in SBS 'Family is Here' Confirmed

VIXX’s N has been cast in a weekend drama.

A drama official told Ilgan Sports on the 21st, N’s casting in the SBS weekend drama ‘Family is Here’ [T/N: English title subject to change] is confirmed and is currently preparing for filming. He will be approaching his 2nd drama after ‘Hotel King’…

"I hope you’ll utilize my services again!" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)





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Imagine VIXX going back to school and the teacher doing role call. Teacher: Kim Wons- Ravi: RAVVVVEHHHHHHHHH


Imagine Hyuk forcing the rest to dress up as Black Butler characters for Halloween. Hongbin is Ciel and Leo dresses up as Sebastian. N is Grell, Ken is the Undertaker and Hyuk himself is Lau. Ravi is the only one that doesn’t participate because he refuses to be anything else than a cat. Leo is the only one that approves of Ravi’s decision.

Orefuro - Tatsumi & Wakasa


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